• Green Is The New Black

This is the end…

Well unfortunately…this is my last post. You no longer have to listen to my crazy rants about fashion. I will miss you reader. But, just as a nice sweet, sassy, little re-cap, let’s go over my blog. It may sound strange to have a recap, but, I really want to make sure that readers understand … Continue reading

Wallet to Wallet

In the long run, going green will benefit us all so so so much–I just can’t even express, but, I will try to explain. Earlier I talked about how green would help from an advertisers perspective, but, alas, there are more reasons why green is just soooooo good! By going green companies can save money … Continue reading

Me Me Me Me

I keep talking about me. I want cute clothes. I want eco-friendly clothes. It’s all me me me me! Anyways… Of course there’s more to this blog than me. I’m convinced that going green won’t just be positive for me–but that it will be positive for my target, Anthropologie, too. So let’s expand on just … Continue reading

Wear Green and be SEEN!

Before I got into eco-fashion I have to admit I had this terrible image in my head. I pictured scratchy burlap pants, maybe a smelly hemp shirt–the dirty hippy style. It wasn’t positive in my head. I saw eco-friendliness, unfortunately, as a hipster type of scene. If I was the dreads and weed kind of … Continue reading

Grow Green!

The whole premise behind this blog is that I’m encouraging Anthropologie to adopt a few more eco-designers. I figure that by having a large company adopt eco-friendly products, others will see one.) the wonderful benefits to our environment and two.) the blessed impact on ourselves. I imagine that after they see such a great example … Continue reading

The New Miss Popular

Let’s be real, fashion is all about being hip and in the know. Before you’re sold on a new style, you want to know that it will put you in the realm of design diva. Holla! So allow me to explain how truly cool eco-fashioning is. How popular is re-fashioning? How many people are actually … Continue reading

Leave Fashion Alone!

I bet a bunch of you are saying, “why the heck is it so important to change fashion?” Right? I read your mind, I know 😉 Well here’s just one little reason why this is of MAJOR importance: For starters, the products we are currently using are extremely poor for our environment–but also for us. … Continue reading

Time For Some ECO-FUN!!

Allright, so I’ve put a TON of emphasis on designers and how they are changing our fashion world–but the thing is, each of us as individuals can make a difference on our own! Check out your closet–five bucks says, (okay but only fake money I’m a college student remember!) anyways, five bucks says you can … Continue reading

Why I’m Trashin’ Fashion

I’m writing this blog to try and convince Anthropoligie to adopt designers who utilize refashioning. Refashioning is the process of taking old clothes and modifying them into something new and trendy.

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